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Spinach tócsni with blue cheese dipping

1400 Ft

Salmon tartare with toasts

1300 Ft

A plate of - 3 types of tapas
- 5 types of tapas
- 7 types of tapas

marinated feta cheese in sun dried tomatoes
boursin in green herbs
red onion jam
Ginger avocado cream
spicy goat cheese balls
rosemary mushroom
capers with anchovy

1650 Ft
2500 Ft
3350 Ft


iF salad
- with chicken,
- smoked salmon,
- or vegetarian

1890 Ft
2100 Ft
1700 Ft

Duck breast salad with spiced quince chutney

2290 Ft

Goat cheese balls with herbs and nuts with salad and sun-dried tomato pesto

2290 Ft


Daily offer - 950 - 1550 Ft

Goulash soup

1550 Ft

Forest mushroom soup

1300 Ft

Transilvanian csorba soup with meatballs
or potato balls

1190 Ft
1150 Ft


Daily offer - 1700 - 2650 Ft

Pappardelle with mushroom and duck breast pieces, or vegetarian

2550 Ft
2050 Ft

Farfalle with salmon and caper dipping in white wine

2950 Ft

Grilled goat cheese with baked beetroot and tokaji wine risotto

2650 Ft

Grilled camembert with cellery-plum sauce and jasmine rice

1950 Ft

Honey-ginger chicken breast with rice-and-raisin

2480 Ft

Roasted chicken leg fillet with vegetable cake and gorgonzola cheese sauce

2580 Ft

Rosé duck brest, red onion jam in red wine and potato purée with pascal celery

3450 Ft

Pork medallions marinated in ginger beer with green beans rolled in bacon, and jasmine rice

2950 Ft

Pork medallions roasted in whole pepper, with Dijon mustard and mashed potato with ruccola

2850 Ft

Rumpsteak with greenpepper sauce and potato confit

3650 Ft

Salmon steak, beetroot fried with walnuts and rice with forest mushrooms

3950 Ft

iF plate fortwo: Roasted chicken leg filet and rumpsteak with green pepper sauce with vegetable cake, jasmine rice and green beans rolledin bacon

5950 Ft

T-bone steak with dijon mustard dressing and grilled vegetables

7500 Ft


Daily offer - 750 - 1150 Ft

Apple-and-plum pie with mulled wine caramel

950 Ft

Carrot cake with orange and whisky

950 Ft

Brownie with chili white chocolate dipping

950 Ft

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